£31.00Citrus Board Game


Citrus Board Game is a tile laying game with simple moves but tricky decisions.

Create a new plantation or extend an existing one?  Collect landscape tiles or rathe rbuild onto a Finca in order to cultivate the most points during the next evaluation?

Citrus provides players with new challegners and little is left to chance. The moves are simple but the deciiosn are tricky.  In order to build, it is essential to harvest your plantations from time to time, as this is the only way to bring new income into your account.  But when is the timing right? And most improtantly, which plantation should I harvest and thus take out of the race for the important points during the Finca scoring?

Citrus contains a simplified family variant as wwell as a short version of the game.  Citrus is particulary sutiable for 2 players.

For 2-5 playes, recommended for ages 10 plus, suggested playing time 50 minutes

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