£19.00Thunderbirds Board Game: The Hood Expansion


"Our agents are close to uncovering the identity of our mysterious nemesis and master of disguise, The Hood. Field reports warn of hijackings, kidnappings and a new worldwide conspiracy originating directly from The Hood�s Lair."

This third expansion for Matt Leacock's Thunderbirds the co-operative board game brings a wealth of new options to the table, upping the player count to five and allowing one player to take on the role of the nefarious Hood, tasked with defeating the heroes of International Rescue. Also includes a host of new cards and events to add further depth and challenge.

Expands Thunderbirds the Co-operative Board Game to make it a 2-5 player game
One player takes on the role of the nefarious, Hood, adding even more depth.
With an evil mastermind now at the table, this will prove International Rescue's biggest challenge!
As the Hood cause disasters, manipulate events and event hijack IR players!
You win by making International Rescue lose!
Contains new models of:

The Hood's Lair
The Hood's airplane and submarine
The Hood character peg
8 x Hood agents.
Creighton-Ward manor
Also contains: a wealth of brand new cards and events to expand the challenge.

1 Hood Character card
6 x FAB cards
6 event cards
3 Scheme cards
32 Scheme tokens
The Hood requires the Thunderbirds base game and is compatible with both other expansions, Tracy Island and Above & Beyond.

Thunderbirds co-operative board game
Thunderbirds co-operative board game

Thunderbirds Co-operative Board Game 

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the cult TV show, the co-operative game Thunderbirds will feature the iconic Thunderbirds machines and a high octane world full of disasters for players to come to the rescue.

Set in the year 2065, Thunderbirds follows the exploits of International Rescue: a secret organization committed to saving human life, secretly founded and funded by the millionaire Tracy family, with the motto: 'Never give in, at any cost!'. International Rescue has a host of technologically advanced land-, sea-, air-, and space-rescue vehicles and equipment ready to launch at a moment's notice.

Racing to the rescue from a secret island base beneath the luxurious home of the Tracy family somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean, International Rescue defies government spies and criminals who want the secrets of their incredible machines for their own. To combat this threat, Lady Penelope, the Thunderbirds' aristocratic English secret agent, and her chauffeur Parker lead a network of agents to uncover those behind the disasters caused by deliberate sabotage.

A criminal mastermind known as 'the Hood', operating from a temple deep in the Malaysian jungle and in possession of strange powers, often engineers events to allow him to spy on the Thunderbird machines with the goal of selling their secrets to the highest bidder.

The iconic Thunderbirds are designed by the Tracy family's close friend 'Brains' and are assigned to each of the five Tracy brothers:

Thunderbird 1, piloted by Scott Tracy - a hypersonic rocket plane used for fast response and rescue-zone reconnaissance, and as a mobile control base.
Thunderbird 2, piloted by Virgil Tracy - a supersonic, VTOL carrier which transports their major rescue equipment in detachable pods.
Thunderbird 3, piloted by Alan Tracy - a single-stage, vertically launched spacecraft
Thunderbird 4, piloted by Gordon Tracy - a utility submersible for underwater rescue, launched from Thunderbird 2
Thunderbird 5, manned by John Tracy - a space station in geostationary orbit that monitors calls for help from across Earth.
Finally, Lady Penelope has the iconic FAB 1, driven by Parker - a pink, amphibious car.

Thunderbirds is a cult 1960s British science-fiction television series, created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. It was produced using a combination of marionette puppetry and scale-model special effects, which was dubbed 'Supermarionation'. Two series, totaling thirty-two 50-minute episodes, were produced, along with two films using the same techniques.

Players will work together using Thunderbirds characters and vehicles to complete rescue missions and save the day. For instance, to help complete the 'Attack of the Alligators' mission card, players will try to assemble Thunderbird 4 and Virgil in North America. All the time, being mindful of the influence of The Hood.


4 Reference Cards & 6 Character Cards
47 Missions Cards, 18 FAB Cards, 8 Event Cards, 20 Disaster Cards
30 Bonus Tokens & 10 Pod Vehicle Tokens
Game Rules Booklet
Game Board
6 Character Pegs
6 Thunderbirds models
Hood Figure
2 custom six-sided dice 

No. of Players 1 - 4 
Duration: 45 to 60 minutes
Min. Age: 10

Thunderbirds Board Game: Tracy Island Expansion
Thunderbirds Board Game: Tracy Island Expansion

Alert on Tracy Island!

With this first expansion for Thunderbirds the 50th Anniversary Co-Op board game, International Rescue fans get to take command of the iconic base of the Tracy brothers, Tracy Island.

Confront a whole new series of man-made and natural disasters, operate new equipment and pilot new machines, while still working to foil the evil machinations of the nefarious Hood.

Join new characters like Tin-Tin, Brains and Parker and report for action to control of International Rescue's secret base.

Get ready to drive a whole new set of vehicles like the Ladybird Jet and FAB 2, responding to exciting challenges from around the world.

The Thunderbirds: Tracy Island expansion features:

New Playable characters like Tin-Tin, Brains and Parker


New 56 card disaster deck adding the new characters and Thunderbird machines
Extra F.A.B. And event cards
Also included is a model of Tracy Island
Comes complete with models of 14 special Pod vehicles for mounting in your Thunderbirds, highly specialised components designed to avert disaster and save human life!
The Tracy Island expansion requires the Thunderbirds Co-operative Board game to play and brings a whole new level of strategy and challenge for Thunderbirds fans.

No. of Players 1 - 4 
Duration: 45 to 60 minutes
Min. Age: 10

Thunderbirds Board Game: Above And Beyond Expansion
Thunderbirds Board Game: Above And Beyond Expansion

The Hood's schemes are more deadly than ever before in this second expansion for the Thunderbirds Co-operative Board Game by Matt Leacock. International Rescue must develop their skills and learn to work together under pressure to thwart his dastardly wiles. Fortunately accomplishing certain rescues and missions will help their worldwide operation and save even more human lives.


Rule book
4 new ways to play the game:
5 new level 5 scheme cards
18 Tarot sized character cards, enabling characters to level up skills during the game
10 iconic disaster vehicle models and 10 disaster vehicle cards, that gives an alternate reward for averting disasters.
A sand timer to play a timed version called crisis mode
Blank scheme, disaster, event and F.A.B. Cards to create your own.
Also extra F.A.B. And event cards


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