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£14.00Boxes for Carcassonne mini expansions


The previosuly small folding box item has been replaced by this pack of 5 large and 5 small boxes

Folding box for Carcassonne mini expansions, supplied flat pack so requires paper/cardboard glue

Uou can finally separate your collection of Carcassonne mini extensions neatly and pack them neatly.

The small box can hold up to 12 tiles You can write your name and the title of the mini-extension on each box. So your watchtowers, winter grain circles, besiegers, rivers, cathedrals in Germany, monasteries, half so wild ... finally find a home..

Meanwhile the large box can hold upto 18 tiles, or 12 tiles and a meeple  ideal for either grouping mini expansions, or for mini expansions with extras., or use a couple for bigger box expansions.

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Carcassonne The Watchtowers mini expansion
Carcassonne The Watchtowers mini expansion

With this mini-expansion, you can build tower towers in and around Carcassonne. Each tower monitors other things and is all the more valuable the more it can be seen in its surroundings.

Shuffle the 12 new tiles with the land tiles.

When you draw a tile with a Watch tower, place it according to the known rules.
You can place a meeple on the tile, but only on the city, road or as a farmer. You cannot place the meeple in the tower.
If a road or a city is completed, first count the bonus points given by the tower. Then add the normal points.

Farmers do not get any points from a tower.

Each tower gives a different bonus.

Material: 12 new landscape tiles with watchtower

Carcassonne German Cathedrals mini expansion
Carcassonne German Cathedrals mini expansion

Product information "Carcassonne - Cathedrals in Germany (new edition, DE / EN)"

This mini-expansion with 6 well-known cathedrals from Germany allows players to score a lot with archbishop and highwaymen.

With the cathedrals in Germany (new edition) there are new challenges. Roads that lead to the cathedral score double points. If you place your meeple on the cathedral, you get the simple points of all roads that lead to it as soon as they are completed. The beautifully illustrated buildings and the recognition effect make this mini extension even more attractive.

Game components: 6 new landscape tiles, 1 game rule (DE / EN)

Carcassonne German Monastries mini expansion
Carcassonne German Monastries mini expansion

Please note this mini expansion is in German and is now in the latest art work

Here you are: the real German monasteries Andechs, Eberbach, Lorch, Maria Laach, Marienthal and Mailbronn as a mini-expansion for your Carcassonne game.
You can replace them with the existing monasteries of the basic game. Furthermore, a new rule ensures some nice variation.

Game instructions are included in German
English translation available on Board Game Geek here

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