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EU customers please note new rules are coming

From 1st July EU are dropping the low consignment relief (i.e all orders not just those over 22 euroes) will be subject to charges BUT they are bringing in the one stop shop this will enable us to pay the VAT on your behalf before we send the item (so from 1st July EU orders will again be inclusive of VAT, whereas before you to pay a service charge to the post office for paying the VAT we will now do it for you but there will be £1 service charge including in P&P to cover our registration fee)
With this in mind we will stop sending to the EU at the end of Friday 25th June and start again when our registration comes through sometime in July.  If you have a preorder coming out after 25th June we will contact you for payment of VAT and let you know if there will be a delay due to the registration process

For orders placed before 1st July

EU customers please note that you will no longer have to pay UK VAT
But you are responsible for any VAT and/or custom charges that your country charges and the relevant charge to collect this money.  Some countries may have a threshold below which they do not charge VAT, but you will need to find this out from your post or tax office.

Note for orders shipped to EU countries please read all of the below carefully

The rate of VAT you are charged for DPD is dependent on the country that it first enters, please see their note below:

Import VAT will be applied to every consignment shipped over the value of approx. £15, the rate of VAT is dependent on the country that cleared the goods into the EU.

Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania,Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia & Slovenia are customs cleared in France - The VAT rate applied to 20%

Republic of Ireland is customs cleared in Republic of Ireland - The VAT rate applied to 23% (** Ireland VAT has been reduced to 21% until 28th February)

Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland & Sweden are customs cleared in the Netherlands - The VAT rate applied to 21%

Spain is customs cleared in Spain - The VAT rate applied to 21%

VAT is charged on the value of the goods the cost of shipping the goods and any duty charged. Please note as well as VAT some bigger orders may be subject to customs duy, while a trade deal was agreed between the UK and EU this only covers items that are made in the UK the vast majority of what we sell is made in China and therefore may be subject to customs duty.
 A charge of 5 euroes is added on to this by DPD.

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EU customers please note new rules come into force 1st July, so we will stop sending to the EU on the 25th June until our one stop shop registration comes through in July. Please read our Brexit page for more details.

All customers be aware there may still be delays due to the ongoing Virus situation.

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