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£23.00Carcassonne Gold Rush Board Game

Get ready cowboys, there is gold to find! 

The Far West. It starts with railroads and brings you to small camps that will quickly become cities. Trading with the Native Americans is greatly prosperous, and that's nothing compared to the lodes that keep being discovered sporadically in the mountains. The only risk is the other prospectors, who are also searching to find the same riches as you are.

So as well as changing the setting what else has changed? 
Railroads (railways) have replaced roads, with the added benefit of locomotives that operate like the Inns of Inns and Cathedrals, though you must only have one of them to get double points.
Cloisters are replaced with camps, however these need to have all their railways connected, as opposed to being surrounded by tiles.
Farmers work slightly different in that you get 2 points for an Indian camp and 4 points for wild horses in your farms , a bit like Hunters and Gatherers.
Mountains replace cities and once completed can produce gold. You can also part score these with miners tents.

Carcassonne leads you into the Far West with Gold Rush, a thrilling adventure for 2 to 5 players of 8 years and up.

Carcassonne Gold Rush Mini: Sherriff in German
Carcassonne Gold Rush Mini: Sherriff in German

Please note this mini expansion is in German

This is a mini-expansion for the board game "Carcassonne Gold Rush". Who dares to go further westwards?

Game instructions are included in German.
English instructions are available at


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