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Available in both the old and new Carcassonne version please select the correct one.

Rule of the Game: Mixes the Labytrinth under the other tiles. If you draw it, you place it according to normal rules and then you can place a meeple on it according to normal rules. The labyrinth is not a crossroads, all outgoing roads are interconnected. If you want to place a meeple on the maze, then all the streets you put on will have to be unoccupied. The Meeple is then robber on all connected roads.

Carcassonne - The Watchtowers
Carcassonne - The Watchtowers

With this mini-expansion, you can build tower towers in and around Carcassonne. Each tower monitors other things and is all the more valuable the more it can be seen in its surroundings.

Shuffle the 12 new tiles with the land tiles.

When you draw a tile with a Watch tower, place it according to the known rules.
You can place a meeple on the tile, but only on the city, road or as a farmer. You cannot place the meeple in the tower.
If a road or a city is completed, first count the bonus points given by the tower. Then add the normal points.

Farmers do not get any points from a tower.

Each tower gives a different bonus.

Material: 12 new landscape tiles with watchtower

Carcassonne -  Festival 2
Carcassonne - Festival 2

Contains 10 land tiles eadch with a festival symbol

rules if you draw one of the festival tiles, you first place it as normal.

Then you can choose to

 - deploy your meeple as normal on that tile

 - take back one of your meeples from anywhere else on the board  (you cannt get captured meeples back this way)

 - do nothing

Carcassonne The Fruit Bearing Trees
Carcassonne The Fruit Bearing Trees

A mini expansion for the game Carcassonne and part of the Carcassonne series.

With this expansion, Carcassonne will be surrounded by various fruit-bearing trees.
The larger the variety of fruits you offer is, the higher your income will be.

This mini-expansion contains 6 new land tiles with 6 types of
fruit-bearing trees (quince, apple,apricot, cherry, plum and elder & 24 fruit tokens (4 per fruit with the value 5, 4, 3, 2 on the back).


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