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Available in both the old and new Carcassonne version please select the correct one.

Rule of the Game: Mixes the Labytrinth under the other tiles. If you draw it, you place it according to normal rules and then you can place a meeple on it according to normal rules. The labyrinth is not a crossroads, all outgoing roads are interconnected. If you want to place a meeple on the maze, then all the streets you put on will have to be unoccupied. The Meeple is then robber on all connected roads.

Carcassonne German Cathedrals
Carcassonne German Cathedrals

Product information "Carcassonne - Cathedrals in Germany (new edition, DE / EN)"

This mini-expansion with 6 well-known cathedrals from Germany allows players to score a lot with archbishop and highwaymen.

With the cathedrals in Germany (new edition) there are new challenges. Roads that lead to the cathedral score double points. If you place your meeple on the cathedral, you get the simple points of all roads that lead to it as soon as they are completed. The beautifully illustrated buildings and the recognition effect make this mini extension even more attractive.

Game components: 6 new landscape tiles, 1 game rule (DE / EN)

Carcassonne Dutch Monasteries
Carcassonne Dutch Monasteries

Please note this mini expansion is in German

Apart from the German monasteries we now also provide you with those of our esteemed Dutch and Belgian neighbours. In hemelsnaam!

The following monasteries are represented: Abdij Westmalle, Abdij Averbode, Sint-Trudo-abdij Brugge, Klooster Huissen, Klooster Heilig Hart Steyl and Abdij OLV Nazareth Brecht.

You can exchange the existing monasteries of the basic game with these new ones. Furthermore, a new rule ensures a nice variation. Instead of placing the meeple standing up on the tile you can lay the meeple on its side to indicate its status as abbot; abbots remain in place until the end of the game, then they score one point for the monastery itself and for each tile connected to the monastery in rows and columns leading away from it.


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