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£26.00Corsair Leader Neoprene Mat

A large 22 by 17 inches roll up neprene mat for Corsair LEader

Corsair Leader
Corsair Leader

This game places you in command of a US Navy or US Marine Squadron in the hostile skies of WWII in the Pacific! We have also added special United States Army Air Force missions to add to the Pacific experience! Includes a total of 13 Campaigns stretching from Pearl Harbor to Okinawa! Including special Campaigns: Black Sheep Squadron, intercept Yamamoto, Defend Wake Island, and Defend Pearl Harbor! There are many different types of Aircraft included in the game: F4U Corsairs, F4F Wildcats, F6F Hellcats, F2A Buffalos, SB2U Vindicators, SB2C Helldivers, TBD Devastators, TBF Avengers, and SBD Dauntlesses. You also get to pilot USAAF: P-38 Lightnings, P-40 Warhawks, and B-25 Mitchells! Corsair Leader is a Solitaire Game, that you can also play Cooperatively. The built-in game system generates the Missions and controls the opposing forces. This means you can play the game at your own pace, whenever, and wherever you choose. Good luck, Commander!

Corsair Leader adds several new features to the Air Leader series!
- Detailed Dogfighting rules! - You'll select a Maneuver, adjust Position, and do your best to shoot down enemy aircraft! The AI uses the same rules for Maneuvering on your Aircraft!
- Enemy Bandit Pilot Skill Levels - Each Enemy Bandit is rated for its Pilot Skill Level from Newbie to Ace. The higher their Skill Level, the higher their ratings. When you shoot down enemy Veterans and Aces, you remove those counters from the Campaign!
- Gung Ho - WWII was all about teamwork and getting the job done. Each of your Pilot's has a Gung Ho skill that you can use to perform heroic actions!
- Naval Sites - We've added an entire set of Naval Site counters for Naval Targets! This gives Naval Targets a completely different feel from land targets!

• Over 400 Cards!
• 20”x15” Mounted Tactical Map
• 9 Counter Sheets
• 15 Campaign Sheets
• Carrier Operations Sheet
• Airfield Operations Sheet
• Black Sheep Squadron Sheet
• Full color Rulebook
• 4 Help Sheet
• 2 Ten Sided Dice
• Player Log Sheet

Corsair Leader Aces High expansion
Corsair Leader Aces High expansion

This Expansion adds 56 real US Navy and US Marine Pilots to your Corsair Leader Game! You’ll be able to add these Legendary Pilots to your Squadron at the start of a Campaign and take them into battles they fought in!

Requires Corsair Leader.

• Play with legendary US Navy and US Marine Pilots!
• Adds a more historical feel to Corsair Leader

• 56 Pilot Cards

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