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£4.75Cthulhu Wars Duel Family Reunion


Four new beings! Each has abilities and features never seen before in any Cthulhu Wars Game. Exclusively for Cthulhu Wars Duel!

Cthulhu Wars Duel  Extinction
Cthulhu Wars Duel Extinction

Cthulhu Wars Duel: Extinction is a fast-moving two player strategy game in which you play as The Sleeper, primordial god of slumber and hunger or Ithaqua, the Windwalker, god of outer space and all that is coldest and darkest. Each side is strikingly different with unique units, abilities and strategies available.

Cthulhu Wars: Duel Extinction is fully compatible with the original Cthulhu Wars: Duel board game. Both are standalone products, but Factions and Maps in each can be mixed and matched for any combination of 2 player games!


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