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£9.00Multicolored Back Magnum Ultra-Fit Copper Sleeves: 65 MM X 100 MM for 7 Wonders


Multi-colored Magnum Ultra-Fit Copper Sleeves: 65 MM X 100 MM for 7 Wonders and more! 

You are getting 3 packs of 100 sleeves, each pack with a different color on the back: Tan/Brown, Light Blue, and Purple. That is 300 sleeves total and will be enough for 7 Wonders and several expansions. Why are we selling these? There have been some reports of the card colors from the first several prints and from the first expansions being slightly different from one another. Rather than being able to tell what expansion/print run each card is for as you pass the cards around or deal them out these sleeves make all of the colors the same, regardless of which print run you purchased in, or which expansion you have or plan to have in the future!

Please note you may want to pick up a pack of clear recommended below, to cover Leaders

100 standard Sleeves for 7 Wonders
100 standard Sleeves for 7 Wonders

100 standard thickness sleeves for 7 wonders

You will need two packs for the main game but you will have enough left over to sleeve Cities or Leaders as well

7 Wonders 1st edition Armada Expansion
7 Wonders 1st edition Armada Expansion

7 Wonders: Armada is an expansion for 7 Wonders that can be combined with the base game or any combination of expansions.

With this expansion, each player gets a separate "naval" board at the start of the game in addition to their wonder board. The expansion includes additional red, green, yellow, and blue cards to shuffle into the deck, and each time that you pay for the cost for any red, green, yellow, and blue card — not only the ones added in this expansion — you can pay an additional cost shown on your naval board to advance your ship of the matching color. When you advance the red ship, for example, you gain naval strength, and at the end of an era, you compare your naval strength against all the players at the table, not only adjacent players, to determine who's strongest, who's second-strongest, etc., with victory points handed out accordingly.

Advancing on the yellow and blue tracks gives you coins and victory points, respectively, with additional naval strength at the far end of the tracks. Advancing on the green track allows you to discover islands, and to do this, you draw the island deck of whatever level you reached, then choose one of the islands in that deck and put it into play. Maybe you'll increase your navy, advance a ship of another color, find a source of raw'll see when the time comes!


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