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£3.00Spielbox magazine 02 2010 with expansion zu El RazuL to Finc


This is the English edition of the 2nd issue of 2010 of this magazine.  

Special gift is: exclusive expansion zu El RazuL to Finca (Hans im Glück Verlag)
A 2nd player-aid-tableau to Dominion (the 1st was in issue 1/2010)

Contents of issue 2/2010:


add ons:
exclusive expansion zu El RazuL to Finca (Hans im Glück Verlag)
Ein 2nd player-aid-tableau to Dominion (the 1st was in issue 1/2010)


Manageable Quantity
Nürnberger Spielwarenmesse 2010
Animals Shape the Scene
New Games for Kids

Nr. 50: a Kramer-Burkhardt Double Act: Günter Burkhardt

From the Train to the Hotel: Oldie: Tatort Nachtexpress
Worker Placement Games: Vasco da Gama

Edition Spielbox 
El RazuL Expansion to Finca

A Look Back
Game-No. 1 - Still in the Product Line: Schmidt

Around the world in play with Tom Felber
Back to Space 1

HABA Smoothed the Way to Enter the Industrie: Wolfgang Dirscherl

To be continued
Small World: Frauenpower / Verflucht!

Interesting? Nile! Egizia
Luck or Tactics  - You have the Choice: Seeland
Programmed Settling in Space: Ad Astra
Flick-driven Space Frighters: Raumpiraten
Different From Others: Gonzaga
Murder Investigation WithObstacles: Greenrock Village - Tatort: Hotel
The game that takes six weeks to play: Colonia
On Bückler's Trail through the  Northern Palatinate: Schinderhannes
Finanlly: Strategic Sleep is Possible: Havanna
Heroes, please remove your shoes! Dungeon Lords
Nothing to complain about: Warhammer Invasion

For Kids
Shaun Das Schaf - Kuchen-Chaos
Nimmersatt Die kleine Raupe - Das Originalspiel zum Buch
Das magische Labyrinth Kartenspiel

At a Glance
Chicago Gangsters
Square auf Verkauf

Tweaks und Variations

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