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£3.50Spielbox magazine 02 2013 Oracle for Power Grid


This is the English edition of issue 02 2013 of Spielbox.  

Special gift is: Mini-Expansion: Oracle fo Power Grid - The First Sparks (by 2F-Spiele)

Contents of issue 2/2013:

Dry and High-proof: Bora Bora
The Old Man's Gotta Go!: Il Vecchio
Gems for Getaway: Escape
More is Not Always Better: Yedo
Almost Over When the Strategy Unfolds: Eminent Domain
No Coal, No Dough: Ruhrschifffahrt
Quarriors for Hobbits: The Lord of the Rings - Dice Building Game
Building Cities Via Drafting Cards: Ginkgopolis
Building Cities Via Drafting Tiles: City Tycoon
You Will Not Shut Me Up!: Goblins inc.
Yahtzee for Heroes: D-Day Dice

The Ideo of Returning to the Faroes: Iraklis Grous
Focus on the Creative Work: Uli Blennemann
With Transparency to Funding: Daniel Danzer

Keep Playing!
Please Listen! Follwing rules esplanations

To be Continued
Escape: Illusions

Driven by a Marketing Idea: The story of the Catan-Mobil

Pure Joy of Thinking
Removal Required: Piece-Picking Games

Game Design in a Tourist's Paradise: Gil d'Orey and MESAboardgames

Mini-Expansion: Oracle fo Power Grid - The First Sparks (by 2F-Spiele)

Risks and Rewards: Crowdfunding experiences

For Kids
Ringo Flamingo
Vincelot - Angriff auf die Burg
Burg Klettermax

At a Glance
Just in Time

25th Hippodice authors' competion: Clean-up in Rome ranked right on the top
Tweaks and variations: Myrmes, The Palaces of Carrara, Dragons

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