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£5.25Spielbox magazine 03 2013 with 2 village tiles for Keyflower


This is the English edition of issue 03 2013 of Spielbox.  

Special gift is:  Two new village tiles for Keyflower (R&D Games/HUCH! & friends)

Contents of issue 3/2013:

A Well-done Late Premiere: Brügge
Illustrating the Fact That We Do Need Board Game Editors: Kniffel - Das Kartenspiel
Alas, Caesar! Augustus
We Need More Like It: Nieuw Amsterdam
Cooperative Point of View: La Boca
Departure From Knuffingen Central Station: Wunderland
A Bit Like Communism: Archipelago
First Class Ticket to Nowhere: Express 01
Rude Service in the Caribbean: Libertalia
Inspector Lucky Frequently Interfering: P.I.
Small Step: 1969
Warm-up Battles for Ragnarök: Asgard
Dinghies in the Dard: The Cave

An Intense Work Process: Stefan Feld
Originally for Six: Peter Eggert

To be Continued
Lancaster: Heinrich V.

Crowdsourcing for Cowards: Spielelschmiede

Pure Joy of Thinking: Forecast for Casts: Declaration Games

spielbox-Edition: Two new village tiles for Keyflower (R&D Games/HUCH! & friends)

Recent additions: Print & Play

Keep Playing!
Just the Other Day in L.A.: Games night with TV actors

Children's Game on Speed: The Looping Louie Cult

For Kids
Linus, der kleine Magier (3 Magier Spiele)
Doggie Bones (beleduc)
Auf die Weide, fertig, los! (HABA)

At A Glance
Dog Royal
Crazy Lab
Auf die Nüsse
Dicht dran

Short notes
Tweaks and Variations: P.I.; Nieuw Amsterdam; Dog Royal

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