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£93.50Subscription to the Arkham Horror LCG Innsmouth Cycle including the Deluxe Expansion


Please note we are not taking any more subscriptions as we have had to limit subscriptions to ensure we have enough stock for all subscribers

Expansion due for release 2nd October

Please note if you order anything else with this your order will be delayed until the expansion arrives

This is a subscription to all of the Arkham Horror LCG Innsmouth Cycle

this is the Deluxe exapnsion and all 6 decks

By paying up front you save £5.40  on shipping and can relax knowing we will send you the expansions as soon as they are released rather than having to remember to order them each time,

These are due for release between October and February next year

Due to the current state of fluxx over Brexit this is only offered to UK customers

The Innsmouth Conspiracy Deluxe expansion for Arkham Horror LCG
The Innsmouth Conspiracy Deluxe expansion for Arkham Horror LCG

Not far from Arkham, the stooped and weathered town of Innsmouth squats on the Atlantic coast. An aura of decrepitude and decay hangs over the city like the ocean fog, from the weirdly glowing windows of the Gilman House to the deserted and toppling Fish Street bridge. Beyond the city limits, the Innsmouth shoreline is pocked with half-flooded tidal tunnels and unnatural coves. Who knows what strange, abyssal trinkets you might find, among the skeletons of fish and rotting seaweed?

The Innsmouth Conspiracy, the sixth deluxe expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, invites you to take your first steps in a twisting, time-jumping tale, starting with the campaign’s first two scenarios included in this expansion. From the heart of Innsmouth itself to the torturous coastline and beyond, these scenarios tee up an adventure that will continue to unfold across the subsequent six Mythos Packs. Far from including just two new scenarios, however, The Innsmouth Conspiracy brings five new investigators to the table with an undersea trove of player cards to support new types of decks—along with new mechanics for players to sink their teeth into, including keys, flood tokens, bless tokens, and curse tokens!


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