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£2.00100 Mayday Games Standard Chimera Board Game Sleeves (57.5 x 89 MM) MDG7044


Plastic sleeves to protect your games these are Chimera size (57.5mm by 89mm)

These fit the following games among others: 7 Ages: 6000 Years of Human HistoryA Game of Thrones -Board GameA Game of Thrones Clash Of KingsA Game of Thrones Storm Of SwordsAcquire (1976 version)Adventurers, TheAgoraAndroidApples to ApplesArkham Horror Board GameArkham Horror: Lurker at the ThresholdArkham Horror: Black GoatArkham Horror: Dark PharaohArkham Horror: DunwichArkham Horror: InnsmouthArkham Horror: King In YellowArkham Horror: Kingsport HorrorAye, Dark OverlordBattles of Napoleon: The Eagle and the Lion (2010) Battles of WesterosBattlestar GalacticaBattlestar Galactica - Pegasus ExpansionBrawlChaos In The Old WorldChez GeekCitadels,ClueClue -1st Edition 1949 Classic ReproductionColossal ArenaCondottiereConflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear Russia 1941-42Cosmic EncounterD-Day at Omaha Beach,Death Note Investigation Card Game (2009) Descent - Alter of DespairDescent - Road to LegendDescent - Tomb Of IceDescent -Well Of DarknessDescent Journeys In The Dark,Doom Board GameDoom Board Game ExpElfenlandEmpire Builder (2002 Edition)Fairy Tale (Zman)Freeze (2010) FrenzyFury of DraculaGreat Wall Of ChinaGreyhawk Wars,HysteriCoachLetter of MarqueLimitsLittle Grey RabbitMaster Builder (2008)Middle Earth QuestModern Art (Mayfair Version)Mousquetaires du Roy (2010) Neue Welten (2010) NexusNobody But Us ChickensPitR-EcoRack-ORackoRisk -Lord of the Rings VersionRock! (Out of the Box)RomaRun Wild (Out of the Box)Runebound - Expansion DecksRunebound - Frozen WastesRunebound - Island of DreadRunebound - Sands of Al-KalimRunebound Second EditionRunewarsSenjiSet: Family Game of Visual PerceptionShazammSleuth (1971 3M Gamette ed.) large cardsSlide 5 (Slide Five)StarcraftStarcraft - Brood WarSuper Circles (Out of the Box)Tales of Arabian NightsTime?s Up! Time?s Up! (Expansion Set 1) Time?s Up! (Expansion Set 2) Too Many CooksUnion PacificUS Patent 1Warhammer Fantasy Role PlayWitch TrialZombie State: Diplomacy of the DeadSummoner WarsAge of ConanWorld of Warcraft Game Character PacksWorld of Warcraft: The Adventure GameWorld of Warcraft: The Board GameWorld of Warcraft: The Board Game Burning CrusadeWorld of Warcraft: The Board Game Shadow of WarMansion of MadnessBattlestar Galactica - Exodus Expansion

We are pleased to be Mayday Games UK exclusive distributors for this product and if you require it in builk please let us know. (we are also happy to supply in bulk to clubs as well as shops in both the UK and the rest of the EU please see our bulk discounts above)

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Brand: Mayday Games
Part number: MDG7044

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