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£1.7050 Mayday Games Premium Mini Euro Card Sleeves (45 MM X 68 MM) MDG7080


These premium sleeves are 90 microns in thickness, that's over twice the thickness of the standard sleeves.
Plastic sleeves to protect your games these are mini euro card size (45mm by 68mm)

These fit the following games: 1853 Train GameAbetto (2010)Ad AstraAge of Discovery* (Unconfirmed)AirshipsAlexandrosAmun-ReAmyitisAnno 1503 Antwerpen (2010) ,ArkadiaAround the World in 80 DaysAssyriaAtlas And ZeusAton* (Unconfirmed)AttikaAugsburg 1520 Before the WindChinatown (New Filosofia Ed)CubaCuba: El Presidente Exp.Die Weinh?ndlerDogeDrunter und Dr?berDungeon TwisterEl GrandeEl Grande DecentennialEmeraldEndeavorEra of Inventions (2010) Euphrates & Tigris Card GameGoaGreat Space RaceHaciendaIl PrincipeIn the Shadow of the Emperor In the Year of the DragonIndustrial WasteJerusalem (2010)Jet Set Money CardsKing OilLa Citt?LegitimacyLeonardo da VinciLouis XIVMali Powsta?cy: Warszawa 1944 (2009)ManilaMasonsMaster Builder (2008)MayaMedici (Older, not RGG Version)MerkatorMing DynastyNa Grunwald: rycerze kr?la Jagie??y (2010) Neue Welten (2010) Nomads of ArabiaPalazzoPerry Rhodan: Die Kosmische HansePesky HumansPillars of the EarthPillars of the Earth ExpansionPirate's CovePrize Property- town meeting cardsRazzia!R?gents (2010)Rotterdam (2007) Ruse & BruiseSalamancaSan FranciscoSan MarcoScepter of ZavandorShogunSimply CatanSnow TailsSpace AlertSt. PetersburgSt. Petersburg ExpansionStephenson's Rocket,Struggle for Rome SubmarineTabagoTalisman -2nd EditionThebesThrough the Ages: A Story of CivilizationThurn and TaxisThurn and Taxis Power & GloryTicket To Ride USATimbuktuTower of Babel Traders of GenoaTransAmericaWalhallaWallenstein Wings of War - Blister Pack (each)Wings of War - Burning DrachensWings of War - Dawn of WWIIWings of War - Famous AcesWings of War - Fire From The SkyWings of War - Watch Your BackWings of War MiniaturesYs Yspahan

We are pleased to be Mayday Games UK exclusive distributors for this product and if you require it in builk please let us know. (we are also happy to supply in bulk to clubs as well as shops in both the UK and the rest of the EU please see our bulk discounts above)

All rights reserved by their respective trademark holders. No challenge to any intellectual property rights is intended or implied by representations of compatability and no endorsements of any of our products by any other company is implied or represented.

Brand: Mayday Games
Part number: MDG7080

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