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7 wonders duel is a standalone 2 player game.

In 7 Wonders Duel, each player is leading a civilization and will, over the course of 3 ages, construct Buildings and Wonders.

For sleeving you need: 
73 mini euro sleeves for the age cards.
12 large sleeves 1 for the wonder cards (i.e. normal 7 wonders)

Each player starts with four wonder cards, and the construction of a wonder provides its owner with a special ability. Only seven wonders can be built, though, so one player will end up short.

At the beginning of each Age, lay out 20 cards according to the structure of the current Age. Some cards are laid out face up, and others face down.

Each age card represents a building which will help the player to strengthen their army, make scientific discoveries, and develop their city.

You can win through a new military system. By gaining shields that allow you to move through the military track.

You can win through the new science system by collecting pairs of science symbols.

Or you can win by the most victory points at the end of age 3.

Premium Sleeves bundle for 7 wonders duel
Premium Sleeves bundle for 7 wonders duel

This premium sleeve bundle gives you all the sleeves you need for 7 wonders duel

  • 2 packs of 7080
  • 1 pack of 7106

Please note if you want to sleeve the Pantheon expansion you will also need a pack of Dwarf King sleeves recommended below

7 Wonders Duel Agora Expansion
7 Wonders Duel Agora Expansion

7 Wonders Duel: Agora features a new board called the Senate, comprising six separate chambers that provide players with benefits once they take possession of the area. Players can obtain a Senate chamber by taking senator cards. Should any player successfully take control of the majority of Senate chambers then they automatically win the game.

2 Players • Age 10+ • 30 mins

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