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£9.00Agricola Bubulcus card expansion


120 new cards for Agricola!

60 new minor improvements and 60 occupations that you can play on their own or combine with other decks giving the game even more variability and variety

Central Europe around 1670 AD The Black Death, which has been raging for centuries, is over. The civilized world is under reconstruction. The people enlarge their simple wooden houses and improve them. They feed on millet porridge, bread and vegetables. Fields must be plowed, sown and harvested. Unfortunately, the famine of the past few years has also led humanity to eat more meat (a habit that we have not let people of increasing wealth do to this day). It wins who has the greatest wealth in the end. And that wealth includes the animals that live with you.

Surrounded by green meadows and fields, you are sitting on a gently lapping river. The cool water rinses pleasantly around your feet, which is a real treat on such a beautiful summer day. You look up and guess from the sun that you'll have to leave soon, but you still have a moment. Sometimes the simple life of a bullfighter (Latin  Bubulcus) can bereally nice ...


Important! Requires the Agricola base game to play

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