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£24.00Cthulhu Wars Shaggai map

Conquer the shattered world of Shaggai before it falls into oblivion.  As the game progresses areas are radicated by Ghroth Worms (figures included); these areas actually generate power and if you controlled a gate there you earn an Elder Sign.  For each unit that is eradicated, you earn 1 Power and other units can 'jump over' Eradicated areas, and thus access the map more easily.  However, if the map deteroirates too far, the game can end regardless.

6 Worms of Ghroth Figures
1 Shaggai Map
5 Worm Degradation Dice
15 Eradication Markers
1 Hint Card

Cthulu Wars 6-8 Player Shaggai Map expansion M12
Cthulu Wars 6-8 Player Shaggai Map expansion M12

A larger map for 6-8 players on Shaggai. Does not include any other components.

You need the regular Shaggai Map expansion to use this


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