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£35.00Deluxe Token Bundle compatible with Imperial Settlers


With these incredibly crafted tokens, take the wonderful game of Imperial Settlers™ to the next level!  These realistic resource tokens by Stonemaier™ Games give the acquiring and spending of resources more impact than the wooden tokens that come with the game.  And they make the game look great, too!

The stone is made of a hefty metal, the wood and defense tokens of well painted resin, and the apples of quality plastic.

If you like Imperial Settlers™, we highly recommend picking up a copy of this token set.

This bundle comes with the following tokens:

25 wood

25 stone (ore tokens)

25 food (apple tokens)

10 defense tokens (wound/buckler tokens)


Note that there are five fewer tokens of each type in this bundle from Top Shelf Gamer than come with the game.  This amount should be fine for gameplay and allows us to offer this bundle at a lower price.  If you feel you need more of any token type, you can fbuy more from our individual resource tokens page

These are Top Shelf Tokens

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