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£45.00Down In Flames - Locked On

Locked-On puts you in the cockpits of world’s greatest fighter planes from the Korean War to modern day!

The game is based on a unique action-reaction card mechanic as with the orignla Down in Flames Aces High game. Each card can be countered by specific other cards. At the bottom of every card is the list of cards it is allowed to cancel. This makes for exciting card play back and forth between players…

Locked-On includes the best known aircraft from the United States, Germany, Great Britain, USSR, North Korea, Pakistan, North Vietnam, and more! In each dogfight, you’ll combine the unique capabilities of your aircraft with your action cards to maneuver on the enemy aircraft, evade their attacks, and send them down in flames! Locked-On introduces Ranges to the Down In Flames series: Gun, Heat Seeking, Radar Homing, and Active Homing! Fly missions in the most exciting battles of the Jet Age: The Korean War, Vietnam War, The Yom Kippur War, Desert Storm, and others! Locked-On is a Solitaire and Multi-Player game. You, and up to 5 of your friends get to jump into the cockpits and battle it out!

Selling Points
• 1-5 players
• Fast to learn and play with new solitare rules as well as multiplayer rules
• Each dogfight takes only 20 minutes

• 224 Cards
• 3 Counter Sheets
• 6 Campaign Sheets
• 4 Aircraft Displays
• Full color Rulebook

Down In Flames: Locked-On Extra Card Decks
Down In Flames: Locked-On Extra Card Decks

A 2nd set of the core game cards to allow for massive air battles!


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