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£24.00Firefly Blue Sun Expansion

In Firefly: The Game - Blue Sun sail your ship out past Border Space to the very edge of the 'Verse, Rim Space. To represent travel in the Blue Sun-side of Rim Space, the expansion adds a new Nav Deck to the game. The Rim Space Nav Deck contains all new hazards, encounters and opportunities for your ship and crew.

Increased Reaver activity in the Rim also spills into Border Space. Firefly: The Game - Blue Sun includes new Nav Cards to replace existing cards in the Border Space Nav Deck. These new cards can advance the Reavers in both Border and Rim Space unleashing them in far-flung locations in pursuit of hapless victims!

Though its not just reavers you have to worry about, your ship might fall apart to. A fuel coupling failure for example can lead to you leaking fuel until you get a part to mend it with.

You may also find the odd helping hand, with objects in space and find another crew member to take on board and help.

This game expansion adds a new region of the ‘Verse, Rim Space. In the Blue Sun expansion you will get to travel to the far-flung areas of Rim Space such as the Blue Sun system and its capital planet, Meridian. Or set your course to the most dangerous area of the ‘Verse, Reaver Space and chasing forgotten fortunes. The new board features the 'reaver' captital Miranda, Mal's homeplanet of Shadow. Not forgetting the seat of power of the Blue Sun system: Meridian.


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