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£4.75Green Click Tokens for Android Netrunner LCG


Set of 4 tokens.

Click-Action tokens for use with your net running games. These 35mm oversize and double sided tokens help make game play more organized and appealing. Choose one of four different color sets. One set will cover the 4 basic actions, purchase additional sets to cover the extra memory units you add during play.

Each token is double sided, the front side points toward the controlling player. Each player placed the tokens with the tokens pointing toward themselves, adding additional memory unit tokens as needed during play. Once the player plays an action, he flips the token vertically so it points to his opponent. The reverse side is marked “Action Used” as a reminder that the action has been used. Once all the tokens have been flipped and pointing to the opponent, that players turn is done.This is a great way to track available actions, and which ones are available and used during each players turn.

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