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100 Mayday Games Ultra-Snug Almost a Penny Card Sleeves (2 1.2 X 3 1/2 Inches) MDG7105
100 Mayday Games Ultra-Snug Almost a Penny Card Sleeves (2 1.2 X 3 1/2 Inches) MDG7105
100 Mayday Games Ultra-Snug Almost a Penny Card Sleeves (2 1.2 X 3 1/2 Inches) MDG7105

100 Mayday Games Ultra-Snug Almost a Penny Card Sleeves (2 1.2 X 3 1/2 Inches) MDG7105

100 Mayday Games Ultra-Snug Almost a Penny Card Sleeves (2 1.2 X 3 1/2 Inches) MDG7105
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100 almost a penny sleeves

Mayday Games latest product: Magic/Yu-Gi-Oh/CCG card sleeves! These will set a new standard for CCG players. These sleeves will fit MUCH BETTER than anything on the market and are priced with the gamer in mind.
Yes that's right these sleeves are almost a penny each.

Standard Size 2 1/2 X 3 1/2 Inches (0.35 microns thick)
Perfect Fit Sleeves for standard card sizes, best fit in the industry!
100 sleeves per pack
Acid Free No PVC
Clear Polypropylene
Archival Safe

Take Mayday Games Perfect Fit Challenge, take one of your cards and sleeve it with one of our comeptitor's sleeves, then take our sleeved card and put it inside sleeve! Yes it fits that much better! And at a penny you are getting the best fitting sleeves for an excellent price!

These fit the following games among others: 1960: Making of the President2 de MayoA Game of Thrones LCG -Chapter PackA Game of Thrones LCG -CoreAcquire (2008 version)Arcana by Agi,Arena AssaultArena Assault Expansions -SeeveralArtic ScavangerAscension CCG by Pro Tour ChampionsAttack!Bargain Hunter (2010)BattlecryBattleground: Fantasy WarfareBattlelineBattles of the American Revolution - SavannahBattles of the American Revolution -PensacolaBugs (2010) Cabo (Slugfest)Call of Cthulhu CCGCall of Cthulhu LCGCall of Cthulhu LCG -Asylum PackCall of Cthulhu LCG -Core SetCamelot Legends CatacombsCold War: CIA Vs. KGBCombat Commander: EuropeCombat Commander: MediterraneanCombat Commander: PacificCommands & Colors Ancients Exp #5 (Epic)Commands & Colors: AncientsConflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel?Conquest of Paradise,Conquest of Planet EarthConquest of the EmpireCoruneaCutthroat Caverns + DeeperDeadlands: DoomtownDeadlands: The Battle for Slaughter GulchDefenders Of The RealmDown in Flames - Aces HighDown in Flames - Guns BlazingDuck Duck GoDuck Duck SafariDuel Of The AgesDungeoneer?Dungeoneer: Vault of the Fiends Dwarven DigEmpire Of The SunEn Guarde (Slugfest)Face Cards (Poker NOT Bridge)FightballFishing For Terrorists (Slugfest)Florenzia (2010) (sp?)For Sale (Fred Edition)For the People,Forbidden IslandFrontline D-DayGame of Thrones CCGGem DealerGet BitGuillotineHalls of MontezumaHera and ZeusHere I StandHordesHornet Leader - Carrier Air OperationsIliadIlluminati: New World OrderIncan Gold (New 2009 Fred Version)Incursion (sleeves are a little short)Inquisitio (2009)Invasion From Outer Space (Flying Frog),Island of Doctor NecreauxK2 (2010) Ka ChingKiller Bunnies Base (Blue & Yellow)Killer Bunnies Each ExpansionKiller Bunnies Ultimate OdysseyKung Fu Fighting (Slugfest)Kung Fu Fighting: More (Expansion)Last Night On EarthLast Night On Earth -Each Stock UpLast Night On Earth: Growing HungerLegend of the Five RingsLegitimacyLootLord of the Rings Trading Card GameLunch MoneyMagestorm (2010) Masters GalleryMicro MutantsMimic Mimic (4-player expansion) Modern Art Card Game (Fred Version)Modern Society (2009)Money (Fred Version)MtG (Magic The Gathering)Munchkin QuestMystery ExpressMystery Rummy: Jack the RipperMystery Rummy: Jekyll & HydeMyth: Pantheons (2010)NetrunnerNexus OpsNile (Minion Games)Nostra CityPandemic: On The Brink ExpansionPaths of GloryPenny ArcadePesky HumansPhantom Leader,Phase by AgiPig Pile?Pirate KingPok?mon Trading Card GamePoker CardsPrincess Bride: Storming the Castle -Tactics CardsProdigy (2010)Race For The GalaxyRace For The Galaxy Rebel Vs. ImperiumRace For The Galaxy The Gathering StormRace For The SummitRailroad TycoonRed Dragon Inn (Slugfest)Red Dragon Inn 2 (Slugfest)Rheinlander,Rowboat by Moosetache GamesScripts and ScribesScumSeppukuShadow HuntersShadowrun TCGShifting SandsSnarf QuestSpace Station AssaultStalin's WarStar Trek CCGStar Trek: Custimizable Card Game (1st Ed)Star Wars CCG Street Illegal?Sturgeon (Minion)Successors (3rd Edition)SyllaThe Phantom League (2010) ThunderstoneTo Court the KingTombTornado Alert! (2010) Touch of EvilTower of MysteryTraders of CarthageTwilight StruggleTwilight Struggle Deluxe Edition (2010)UFSVampire: The Eternal StruggleVegas ShowdownWar for Eda?hWarhammer: The Invasion Card Game CoreWarmachineWasabiWilderness WarWits and WagersWorld of Warcraft Trading Card GameWorld War II: Barbarossa to BerlinWyvernZanziar (2008)Zombie in my Pocket (2010)PandemicYuGiOhMagic The GatheringPokemon Trading Card Game,TournayLord of the Rings LCG card game

We are pleased to be Mayday Games UK exclusive distributors for this product and if you require it in builk please let us know. (we are also happy to supply in bulk to clubs as well as shops in both the UK and the rest of the EU please see our bulk discounts above)

All rights reserved by their respective trademark holders. No challenge to any intellectual property rights is intended or implied by representations of compatability and no endorsements of any of our products by any other company is implied or represented.

Brand: Mayday Games
Part number: MDG7105

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