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£9.00Mayday Games Multicolored Back Magnum Ultra-Fit Copper Sleeves: 65 MM X 100 MM for 7 Wonders


Multi-colored Magnum Ultra-Fit Copper Sleeves: 65 MM X 100 MM for 7 Wonders and more! 

You are getting 3 packs of 100 sleeves, each pack with a different color on the back: Tan/Brown, Light Blue, and Purple. That is 300 sleeves total and will be enough for 7 Wonders and several expansions. Why are we selling these? There have been some reports of the card colors from the first several prints and from the first expansions being slightly different from one another. Rather than being able to tell what expansion/print run each card is for as you pass the cards around or deal them out these sleeves make all of the colors the same, regardless of which print run you purchased in, or which expansion you have or plan to have in the future!

These sleeves are a limited run (test) item for us. There are 100 sleeves per pack and the sleeves are 40 microns thick, our standard thickness. These are compatible with Queen's Necklace©, 7 Wonders©, Small World: Tales & Legends© & other cards measuring 65 X 100 MM. The cards will fit snuggly in these sleeves. These may not be available in stores and we may not re-run these as it is a very specialized size. Queen's Necklace and Small World: Tales & Legend is © Days Of Wonder. 7 Wonders is © Repos Production. All rights reserved. No challenge to any intellectual property rights is intended or implied by representations of compatibility and no endorsements of any of our products by any other company is implied or represented.

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