Mayday Games Premium Sleeves

50 Premium Euro Card Sleeves MDG7029

50 Premium Mini Euro Card Sleeves (45 MM X 68 MM) MDG7080

75 Large Card Sleeves for War of the Ring Collectors edition (FFG Tarot size) MDG7100

50 Premium Chimera Game Sleeves (57.5 x 89 MM) MDG7078

50 Premium Mini Chimera Game Sleeves (43 x 65 MM) MDG7079

50 Premium Mini USA Card Sleeves (41 MM X 63 MM) MDG7075

50 Premium USA Card Sleeves (56 MM X 87 MM) MDG7076

50 Premium Card Game Sleeves (63.5 x 88mm) MDG7077

80 Premium Large Sized Card Sleeves #1: 65 MM X 100 MM Sleeves for 7 Wonders and more (MDG7106)

50 Premium Small Square Card Sleeves (70 MM X 70 MM) MDG7134

50 Premium Mega Civilization Sleeves (75x105mm) MDG7151

50x Premium Medium Square Card Sleeves ( 80x80mm ) MDG7145

50x Premium Yucatan Narrow Card Game Sleeves 54x80mm MDG7136

50x Premium Custom Tiny Epic Kingdoms Sleeves ( 88x125mm ) MDG7148

50x Premium Magnum Space Alert Sized Card Sleeves ( 61x103mm ) MDG7142

50x Premium Magnum Oversized Dungeon Sleeves: 87X112mm for Munchkin MDG7147

50x Premium Magnum Platinum Card Sleeve Dwarf King French Tarot Sized 61x112mm MDG7143

50x Premium Magnum silver Card Sleeves #2: 70x110mm Sleeves for Lost Cities and more (MDG7144)

50x Premium Large Sized Card Sleeves #3: 80x120mm Sleeves for Dixit and more (MDG7146)

50x Premium Sails of Glory Card Sleeves ( 50x75mm ) MDG7135

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