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The highlight of the game, is the way you trigger actions. They need different people, such as farmers, craftsmen, knights or monks. Each player will assemble themselves in the course of the game. Every profession is associated with certain advantages. Thus knights increase their own radius of action and are also needed to accompany trade travels. In the village you can hire craftsmen who help with the construction of shops and make tools. Scholars are important to advance progress. And last but not least, it is worthwhile to be active in the monastery, because with the aid of the monks one is less exposed to fate.

Orleans Expansion 1 Invasion
Orleans Expansion 1 Invasion

There are invaders at the gates of the city. Will the 2-5 players be able to equip the city together to fend off the attackers and thus avert the invasion? This is the goal of the cooperative variant of designed by Inka and Markus Brand for Reiner Stockhausen’s game. To achieve this goal, the city must be prepared properly: the players need to fill the granary, reinforce the city walls, and secure the outer borders. In addition, each player has to complete a personal objective, as indicated by their character card. And as if this was not enough, the players must survive several new events: arsonists are making trouble, and rats have already torn into the cheese supply. Though sometimes unexpected support may arrive.

Apart from the eponymous and central cooperative scenario, another 5 new game variants are included in the box. "Prosperity" is a classic expansion and was also designed by Inka and Markus Brand. "The Duel" is a special scenario for 2 players only in which both opponents must complete 4 objectives. The player who completes them fastest wins the duel. If both players finished on the same round, the player who collected the most valuable goods wins. Furthermore, the big expansion comes with 3 solo scenarios in which the solo player has to complete certain objectives within a limited number of rounds. These scenarios differ in playing time and level of difficulty. Apart from the proper strategy, the solo player must also have that little bit of luck to draw the right followers from the bag at the right time.

"Orléans Invasion" is a big expansion pack and the result of many players’ wishes: everyone can play their preferred variant or explore their favorite scenario. For all "Orléans" fans this is an absolute "must-have" that promises many new challenging game hours in the Loire Valley.

"Orléans Invasion"—designed by Reiner Stockhausen, Inka and Markus Brand, with illustrations by Klemens Franz—is playable with 1 to 5 players of ages 12.

Orleans expansion 2 Trade and Intrigue
Orleans expansion 2 Trade and Intrigue

The new extension for Orleans contains 4 new modules and 3 new maps.

"New events" make the game even more diverse by continually different sequences of challenges, advantages and limitations. A new board "Segenreiche Werke" bring completely new rewards into the game. The board "Intrige" makes the game much more interactive and offers lots of vulgarities. A whole new strategy of victory allows the orders that the players can fulfill on their journey to and around Orléans.

Orleans Fan Kit
Orleans Fan Kit

Orleans Fan Kit comes with

components for a 5th player: player board, big pawn (merchant), 10 houses (trading stations), 7 cubes in black
125 meeples [23 white ones, 17 each of the other 6 colors]
125 card board discs (followers / character tiles)
4 technology card board tiles
20 wooden discs
290 stickers
7 coins: 1x1, 2x5, 1x10, 3x20
score pad
followers bag
place tile set #1 (three new place tiles: Bakery, Goldsmiths, Lair) and 1x Vineyards post card
(both with rules in German, English, French)

This is an expansion, you also need the base game!

Set of Metal Coins for Orleans (51 pcs) - (Tasty Minstrel Games)
Set of Metal Coins for Orleans (51 pcs) - (Tasty Minstrel Games)

1-Piece Set of Custom Metal Coins, perfect for Orleans by Tasty Minstrel Games, or for many other games that would look and feel great with high-quality metal money!

Set contains:

22 - Silver 1's (20mm diameter)

12 - Copper 5's (25mm diameter)

17 - Gold 10's (30mm diameter)

This product was designed and produced by Tasty Minstrel Games.


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