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£6.00Premium Mayday Games Sleeves Bundle for Catan


3 packs of 50 Mayday Games Premium Yucatan sleeves

This is enough for basic Catan

if you have 5-6 player extension you will need another pack

50x Mayday Games Premium Yucatan Narrow Card Game Sleeves 54x80mm MDG7136
50x Mayday Games Premium Yucatan Narrow Card Game Sleeves 54x80mm MDG7136

50x Premium sleeves in a pack

These are for the Mayfair Games published edition of Settlers of Catan. (that is the UK and US version, please check the size of cards if you have a non-English version)

These premium sleeves are 90microns in thickness, that's over twice the thickness of the standard sleeves.

2 packs are needed for Settlers of Catan (including the 5-6 player extension), further sets maybe needed for Cities and Knights of Catan and Traders and Barbarians of Catan

These fit the following games: Master LabyrinthRichthofen's War Maneuver CardsWho am I?Caylus Magna CartaHeroQuestHeroQuest Advanced Quest milton Bradely english editionFamilienbandeSettlers of Stone AgeTwilight ImperiumLift Off! Get me off this Planet!Settlers of America: Trails to RailsEmpire ExpressAt the Gates of LoyangCatan Histories: Merchants of EuropeSettlers of Catan (English version)Star Trek: CatanRAFKremlin

We are pleased to be Mayday Games UK exclusive distributors for this product and if you require it in builk please let us know. (we are also happy to supply in bulk to clubs as well as shops in both the UK and the rest of the EU please see our bulk discounts above)

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