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£6.00Seafarers of Catan Deluxe Euro Tokens Upgrade Pack

Setters of Catan Deluxe Euro Tokens Upgrade Pack

If you have already bought the normal pack of Settlers of Catan tokens as pictured, then this pack allows you to upgrade to Seafarers and also 5-6 players with 6 of each resource to allow for 5-6 players and 15 gold tokens for Seafarers so that when your number comes up on gold, instead of taking a resource of your choice you take a gold token to use whenever you want, but watch out for the robber!

Have you ever stepped back and realized your game play is really in two very different worlds? One world with cute wooden houses and cities with great roads winding among resources spreading out inexorably toward the ocean? And then there is the world of a card game! The cards sort of ruin the experience by many accounts. We are changing all that by allowing your resource world to come into harmony with your game world. Announcing the Yucatan Token Set!

Imagine for a moment rather than collecting cards on this beautiful miniature island that you were actually gathering the resources from the island? How would that work? Simple you use the Yucatan Token Set! Included in this set are 19 of each of 5 custom designed tokens: Sheep; Grain; Brick; Wood and Stone (Ore). You can either put them all to one side and keep them in front of you with your cities and roads as you collect them from the bank or better yet put them right out on the board on the tiles representing the origin of each resource! Imagine an island resplendent with sheep-filled rolling hills with wheat-filled fields and dark wooden forests with brick-laden cliffs and ore-rich quarries! Pull the resources directly from the island and open up your playing world! Dump the cards and play like real island settlers!

The robber becomes more deadly, for rather than randomly getting a resource he can choose which resource to take. 

You get 6 sheep, 6 wood, 6 brick, 6 ore, 6 grain and 15 gold in this pack
Please note that while Yucatan is not approved by nor licensed by Klaus Teuber or Catan GmbH or Mayfair Games Inc. it is compatible with The Settlers of Catan and is published under agreement with Mayfair Games Inc. which reserves all rights therein.

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