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£2.75Sleeve Kings Premium Tarot Card Sleeves (70x120mm) - 55 Pack, -SKS-9966


While Sleeve Kings set out to replicate FFG they may not be quite the exact same size

Pack of 55 Sleeve Kings Premium Tarot Card Sleeves (70x120mm)

Sleeve Kings Premium Sleeves are 100 microns thick (that is over 50% thicker than their standard sleeves)

Are these the same as FFG's old sleeves? Please see the note below copied from their Kickstarter page

  • CLARITY: Woops!  We set out to replicate the Fantasy Flight sleeves but we failed... Ours are actually noticeably clearer! Check the reviews section videos for more details but you can see the difference. Being obviously CLEARER is honestly "a bug not a feature" in this case.  Our factory doesn't know how to duplicate that cloudiness in FFG sleeves so you're stuck with clearer sleeves with us!  Click here to see the video review showing the clarity
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