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£5.00Spielbox magazine 01 2011 with 7 wonders Mannekin Pis


This is the English edition of the 1st issue of 2011 of this magazine.  

Special gift is: Manneken Pis: The 8th Wonder for 7 Wonders

Contents of issue 1/2011:

When Minni and Bully Chase Duck and Beetle: The phantom called Meister has struck again
Inventor of 150+ Games, but widley unknown: Avanti-Author Heinz Meister
From France to South Korea: Novelties from SPIEL '10 - Part 2

A Question of Balance: Der Pate
Pandemic Light: Forbidden Island
How Silly is a Game Allowed to be? Ranking
A Six-Field-System: Fuerstenfeld
Choose, Pass on, Done! 7 Wonders
Dice Condemnation with Compensation: Troyes
Easy Come, Easy Go: Lords of Vegas
Poverty Is No Shame? Oh Yes, It Is! London

Have the Last Word: Pure joy of Spelling

Farmers and Beans: Lookout Games

1830 in everyday life: The Mutation of JKLM to Prime Games

A Look Back
A Games Region - Even Before 1983: Games Culture in the Ruhr Area

add-on: Manneken Pis: The 8th Wonder for 7 Wonders

To Be Continued
A la carte: Dessert

Quantity Dictates the Price: Pricing Mechanisms

At a Glance
Modern Society
String Railway

For Kids
Das grosse Kullern
SOS Wildwasser
Capt'n Sharky - Ab auf die Palme
Basti Bär / Welches Tier passt hier?

Short notes
Tweaks and Variations

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