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£64.00Treasure Chest of realistic resources


A beautiful magnetic clasp box with foil accents containing 6 plastic token trays full of the following realistic resources:


24 - wood tokens - 19mm x 17mm x 16mm - resin

24 - brick tokens - 15mm x 9mm x 10mm. - resin

24 - stone tokens - 18.5mm x 16mm x 18mm - resin

24 - coal tokens - 15mm x 8.5mm x 15mm - resin

24 - ore tokens - 19mm x 7mm x 15mm - metal

24 - gold ingot tokens - 16mm x 11mm x 8mm - metal


A perfect kit to bring to your game night when you play games that collect resources like wood, gold, and other core resources included in the box.


The box size is 232mm x 155.5mm x 38.5mm


The token trays act as a way to keep the token separated in the box. In addition they make it easier to pull out only the resources you need for the particular game you're playing and also both bottom and top act as a token holder during game play.

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