£5.00Tuscany Special Worker Promo Cards - 9 Promo Cards

These 9 special worker promo cards, designed by Jamey Stegmaier and Dave Armstrong, can be added seamlessly to any copy of Tuscany or Tuscany Essential to add to the variety of the special worker expansion. The new cards are Builder, Apprentice, Vagabond, Martyr, Salesman, Sommelier, Mama Grande, Alchemist, and Storyteller. 

Metal lira coins for Viticulture and Tuscany
Metal lira coins for Viticulture and Tuscany

36x 1 lira coins
24x 2 lira cins
12x 5 lira coins
While originally for their Viticulture game these could be used for other games such as 7 wonders replacing the card board tokens from them.

Viticulture Moor Visitors Expansion
Viticulture Moor Visitors Expansion


Ths is a small expansion to Viticulture that Stonemeier designed together with famed designer Uwe Rosenberg. It's called the Moor Visitors Expansion, and it features 40 brand-new visitor cards illustrated by Beth Sobel (and 2 reprinted cards). 

The 40 visitor cards are spread exactly across summer and winter (i.e. 20 each) and can be mixed in with your existing cards.

Tuscany essential edition for Viticulture
Tuscany essential edition for Viticulture

This expansion to Viticulture includes the extended board, special workers, and structure cards originally released in Tuscany. 

1 extended board (double-sided) and 36 wooden stars
6 structure mats and 36 structure cards
11 special worker cards and 2 special worker meeples per player (plus 2 generic)


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