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£59.00U-boat leader The battle for the north atlantic

The new 2nd Edition of DVG's U-Boat Solitaire Game! 

U-Boat Leader 2nd edition adds more counters and a detailed submarine damage system, that brings it up to the new standards set by Gato Leader.
U-Boat Leader is the latest game in DVG's series of solitaire strategy games! 

"The only thing that ever frightened me during the war was the U-Boat peril." - Winston Churchill 

The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest continuous campaign of World War II running from 1939 through to the defeat of Germany in 1945. It involved thousands of ships, stretched over hundreds of miles of ocean, and involved hundreds of convoy battles and single-ship encounters. During the struggle advantage switched back and forth between the U-boats and Allies as new weapons, tactics, and countermeasures were developed and implemented. 

U-Boat Leader takes the Leader series to new depths, letting players control a group of U-boats on missions in the Atlantic. The core system of the game will be familiar to players of other Leader games, allowing them to quickly get into the game. 

A major portion of the game is determining where to send your submarines. Do you concentrate your submarines in one or two areas to form wolfpacks or spread them out in the shipping lanes to increase the chances of finding contacts, or do you send them on special missions (such as mine-laying)? You can also spend Special Operations Points to support your submarines by adding search planes to help find enemy ships or by sending supply ships and subs (Milk Cows) to extend the endurance of the submarines. During longer campaigns you need to manage the U-boat patrol rotation to keep subs on station. 

When a patrolling U-boat comes into contact with an enemy force it can call other boats in the same patrol zone to form a wolfpack or attack alone. The action then shifts to the tactical display where the U-boats try to close with and attack merchants while avoiding the escorting warships. When an attack starts you will have an idea of the number and general type of ships in the group, but you have to close with the ships to actually identify the ships. 

U-Boat Leader includes the following type of U-boats: 
Type IIB/C coastal submarines 
Type VII A/B/C Atlantic submarines
Type IX A/B/C long-range submarines
Type XXI Elektro-boat 

U-Boat Leader includes four campaigns covering different stages of the Battle of the Atlantic: 

The Battle Begins: covering operations at the start of World War II to about mid-1940. 

The Happy Time: covering the period from mid-1940 to mid-1941 when the U-boats and wolfpacks dominated the seas. 

Operation Drumbeat: covering operations off the American coast and in the Caribbean in early 1942. 

The Hunted: covering the time period when the tide starts to turn against the U-boats. 

Target Audience: 
U-Boat Leader is the perfect game for fans of WWII, submarine games, Leader games, and solitaire games.

Gato Leader
Gato Leader

The American submarine campaign in the Pacific during World War II was a major contributor to the ultimate defeat of Japan. During the war, American submarines comprised less than two percent of the U.S. Navy, but sank almost 60 percent of the Japanese merchant marine and more than 30 percent of Japan's navy, including eight aircraft carriers. Gato Leader moves the Leader series to Pacific waters, letting players lead a group of American submarines against the Empire of Japan. The core system of the game is built on U-Boat Leader and will be familiar to players of other Leader games, allowing them to get into the game quickly. A major portion of the game is determining where to send your submarines. Do you send your boats to the distant, better-defended, merchant-rich Japanese Home Waters, or do you hit the convoys supplying the far-flung Japanese bases? You can spend Special Operations Points to upgrade your submarines, concentrate intelligence resources, and send your submarines on special missions, such as mine-laying and hunting the Imperial Japanese Navy. 

Ship Miniatures expansion for Gato Leader and U-Boat Leader
Ship Miniatures expansion for Gato Leader and U-Boat Leader

The Ship Miniatures expansion to Gato Leader and U-Boat includes 14 plastic ship miniatures ranging in size from 25mm to 50mm. The box also includes the huge 11" x 17" mounted Sonar Display map board to place the miniatures during battle. 

Included miniatures...
1 Aircraft Carrier
1 Battleship
1 Cruiser
3 Destroyers
6 Transports
2 Submarines 

These miniatures can be used with Gato, U-Boat, or any other naval warfare game that you'd like to add miniatures to!

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